Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My Monday List for April 19th

I just got back from New York and I did not do or see any of the stuff that was on my list last week. Granted I was there on business. A video shoot and a tech support job. The video shoot was to document the painting of Kukuli Velarde's wall mural at the Barry Friedman Gallery. Since the beginning of her show she was coming in twice a week to New York from Philadelphia to draw by hand in black marker her fantastical mural. It was a project of great imagination, endurance and discipline. From the start of the project I had the honor of chronicling its creation in video. On Saturday the mural was sadly, but in a seemingly appropriate ceremony painted over by her, and the show was over. Sunday night I went back to Philadelphia. I know that this is not a list, but more the end point of an event. The show went up, it evolved, and then it came down. This is how it always is that we are catching things in the middle of their transformations. Now I hear Green Day is having broadway show!
American Idiot opening today. The WNYC culture page has some good information on the show.
• A walk through Williamsburg. Williamsburg is diverse. It has some great restaurants, interesting art galleries and is a vibrant cultural scene. Take the L train to the first stop in Brooklyn at Bedford and you will be there. Now that the weather is starting to cooperate it is great place to visit and explore.
• Poland with the loss of their president and major officials has just suffered an unbelievable loss. The people of Poland are part of the history of New York. In Greenpoint there is a major Polish community. It is worth a walk through, if only it is walk through Greenpoint Ave to Manhattan Ave and over the Pulaski Bridge. While on Greenpoint Ave, get a beer at the Black Rabbit, it is one of my favorite bars and has a very nice old time feel.

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