Thursday, April 30, 2009

Exhibitions from C-Monster Art

Hi everyone,
I thought that this might be of interest to us all. One of the blogs that I follow is C-Monster and they provide a good idea of what is happening currently in the art community and what is of note. Here is their list of what is worth seeing from their posting of April 28 to see. Check out and tell us what you think. Cheers!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Photo's of President Obama's first 100 days

We are feeling better with Obama. New photos of his first 100 days.

Brad Mehidau Trio at the Village Vanguard May 5 to 10!

Another great Jazz artist comes to the Village Vanguard. I won't want to miss this. Jazz and Radio Head? How can you go wrong. See and hear Brad Mehidau him play at the landmark Village Vanguard.

David Bixler at Smalls Jazz Club May 8th!

I thought that is worth noting and should not be missed, the David Bixler Group at Smalls. A friend of the house of really feels that they should not be missed.

Brooklyn Botanic Garden: Sakura Matsuri 2009

I just saw on the Brooklyn Bontanic Garden's website that this weekend, May 2nd to 3rd, is Sakura Matsuri, "rite of spring." Just in case you did not already know.

Cherry Blossoms in New York, Pictures of Brooklyn

The weather has been very nice and Spring like. I like year when the flowers and Cherry Blossoms bloom. New York has more varieties of Cherry blossom than any part of the country. Take that Washington D.C.! The colors of theirs flowers are the colors of life, renewal and hope. This is what we need after all this hard time filled with bad news. Lets welcome it and be grateful of this. Lets smile, take pictures and smell the flowers. Enjoy!

On Sunday, I went to the Brooklyn Botanical Garden. I recommend that every one go there when they have a chance this time. The flower are blooming! Here are some pictures I took of my day there on Saturday, April 27. Please take a look and enjoy. Maybe I will see you there on my next visit, if not can see your pictures? My pictures of the are here on Flickr: Cherry Blossoms in NY.