Thursday, August 5, 2010

Datebook: Aug. 5, 2010 - WNYC Culture

Copied from Gallerina at WNYC. She is always worth reading.   ( Carolina A. Miranda is Gallerina . She writes the culture section at WNYC and and the C-Monster blog.   She does great job of finding interesting things around NYC.)
She is always worth reading.

Artsy books sales, Brooklyn art walks, and a Spanish-language film festival.
Here's your guide to what's happening now.
The David Zwirner Pop-Up Bookstore, at David Zwirner Gallery in Chelsea. An excellent opportunity to fill your creaking shelves with rare and out-of-print art books, as well as signed artist catalogues. Opens Monday and runs through next Friday, in Manhattan.
First Thursday Dumbo Gallery Walk, in Brooklyn. A bevy of neighborhood galleries and art spaces are participating in Dumbo’s monthly arts walk, including the artsy bookshop PowerHouse Arena, the Henry Gregg Gallery and the Dumbo Arts Center. Be sure to pop into Mighty Tanaka, on Jay Street, to check out a photographic group show devoted to all things New York City. You can find a downloadable map with all of the participating galleries right here. This evening, from 5:30-8:30pm, in Dumbo.
Sharon Butler, Joy Curtis and Cathy Nan Quinlan, On Display, at Storefront, in Bushwick. At this relatively new Bushwick art space, blogger and critic Hrag Vartanian (of Hyperallergic) has organized a show that examines abstraction in myriad ways. Butler’s paintings are pre-occupied with color and form, Curtis’s sculptures reconfigure the shapes of found objects like battered picture frames and Quinlan’s paintings give ordinary items a surreal flicker. Should be an excellent opportunity for some contemplative gazing. Opens Friday at 6pm, in Brooklyn.
Beth Livensperger, Visible Storage, at the Abrons Arts Center. Precious items sheathed in glass are the current obsession of this New York-based artist, known for her painterly renditions of institutional interiors. This series of paintings — which depicts the visible storage rooms at the Metropolitan Museum of Art — seem to smirk at the way in which humans hold objects in high esteem, by rendering them ordinary, piled high in clear vitrines like objects for sale at a common sidewalk shop. Opens this evening at 6pm, in downtown Manhattan.
Hector Canonge, Epistolar, at 58 Gallery in Jersey City. At the intersection of nostalgia and tech-savvy interactivity lies Epistolar, a 2009 installation crafted by the New York-based Canonge. In this piece, a series of albums contain photographs and other images, as well as barcodes, which viewers swipe with a common price scanner (of the sort used at department stores). The result: the myriad stories behind the image reveal themselves on an overhead screen. Opens this evening, in Jersey City, N.J.
Verano Tropical, a film festival at the Instituto Cervantes. Once a week throughout the rest of the summer, this institute, dedicated to all things Spanish-language, will be holding weekly screenings of Latin American movies, including features and documentaries from Peru, Cuba, Argentina and Mexico. Screenings – which are free – are held on Wednesday evenings. Up next is Sisters, an Argentinean feature film chronicling the lives of two siblings who come together many years after the country’s brutal dictatorship has driven them apart. Through Aug. 25, in Manhattan.
Datebook: Aug. 5, 2010 - WNYC Culture

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

NOF: Conan's now so new white Guitar from Finland

Life is full of funny surprises.  And here is one, Antti J Kallio who stayed with us some years back emails me this video of him bringing the Eero Aarnio gutitar to Conan O'brien.  I remember it now when he was here.  Very nice guitar!  The interview was done by another friend of ours, Raija Kantomaa.   It is mainly in Finish but one gets the gist.  It was funny and it is good to see our friends do well.  It is a good omen.  How come Conan gets to go to Finland!   Cheers!