Monday, April 12, 2010

My Monday List for April 12th

What would I want to see if I was back in New York? I now live in Philadelphia. From my laptop, I read about the events and odd happenings in my beloved city. I read about the gallery openings, the concerts and the restaurants. On my laptop, I stream the voices of NY that I hear on To me, the city does not seem so far away. There is always an adventure. It is a good place to start from. The world might seem like it is falling apart all around us but from the city's perspective, the bankruptcy of 1970, the market crash of 89, and even 9/11, there is always hope. There is always hope from where ever we are. The city rebounds. People pick themselves up, artists continue to create, goods continue to be made and sold. Children still laugh, play and cry and we still look forward. That is how we were made. Here is my list for April 12. It is short. It is a start. You take it from there:
• For the film heads, Hamilton tonight, April 12th @ BAM. It was shot in Baltimore for $50,000 with non actors. From what I read in the Village Voice, it is an original work done in the slow paced style of "Wendy and Lucy." I saw Wendy and Lucy and it was depressing but I like the style. The realism and grit. In Hamilton I like the promise of originality, of something new. I hope it will be positive. I like the promise of creativity. That is what BAM promises. That is what I get from the synopsis. See it! Some one, anyone, and tell me what I missed. Was it any good? Tag, you're it!
Broadway. A sure thing is A Behanding in Spokane. I saw this. It was very good. It was very funny. It has a unique story line that is both very dark and disturbingly funny. It is very much character driven. Think about it, this is your chance to see Christopher Walken live with Sam Rockwell, Anthoney Mackie, and Zoe Kazan in a Martin McDonagh play. Each character is unique and comes alive brilliantly. The playwright is Irish, this is the first play that he has set in America, and yet as a New Yorker, I feel he has captured our tenor. Even if it is not nice, at least it is absurd. Enjoy!
For music and more events see Music Hub. I also suggest the Village Voice Events Calendar.
There is always a lot to see even if you don't have much money. For me what always made New York great is its humanity. It is a human zoo and we are its animals! Take it all in. Go to the Meat Packing District, play with the iPad at the Apple store, buy your food at the Chelsea Market, then take a chair, sit back, and take in the spectacle walking by you. It is sure to be all lovely, be it great or small. Use your imagination. I'll be back soon. In the mean time, stay out of trouble but don't stop having fun and if I see you, then let me know what's new.

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