Friday, October 8, 2010

What is new with me October 8th, 2010

View of the MoMA
From the Newsletter:
It has a been while since I have wrote or sent my news letter, but a lot has changed in my life. Now I am living in Philadelphia, PA so I am no longer working in New York. Arthouse28,, and the loft is still there under the complete guidance of Peter with the help of Edit and Natty who is now working out of Virginia. My partner in this venture, Matt Jacobs, aka Gomaar, is still in New York and writing on art and whatever catches his eye. So you should still read his reviews. My role though will be a little different. I will still tell you about what grabs my attention but now it will include Philadelphia, if you are interested, as well as what interests me in New York. Hence, we have taken "New York" from the title and left it Ubihaus. In this sense I have become my audience, so my perspective will be similar to yours. When we started the blog we began with the idea of maintaining the connection with each other that was formed through the loft at 28 street. Now our perspective is a little bigger. Let us know too about you. Cheers! -- Rafael Damast

Other News
Just completed: Apple of His Eye Installation Video that I did for Kukuli Velarde's exhibition at the Barry Friedman Gallery. This video I did for her in order order to document her installation that took her 80 hours to do and was then, at the end of the exhibition painted over. It now in memory and in works like that video I did. It took a lot of work and would not have been finished without Kukuli's input.

I had started Arepa Digital Publishing, LLC.  Now that I have been moving back in video producing, shooting, editing and doing business.  The company focuses on art and education.  Two videos I have worked on for Arepa DP our with Lisa Mackie,  the Art of Printing from a Xerox Copy and Non Toxic Printmaking in Action.

Peter Mackie has partnered with John Stookey to start the Castleton Project Event Space in Castleton New York.  This space is prime 9000 square feet of raw creative space.  More information is here. Contact John if you need further information. Joanne Mattera wrote a great piece on the opening exhibition of the Castleton Twelve and on CPESpace. You can find it here.


  1. Hello Rafael,
    Good to hear from you! Your activities seem to be very interesting. Ruti lives in Philadelphia, in fact in Haverford. I spent a wonderful week with her in July. I will be seeing her in NYC between the 21st and the 24th of October on my way back to Venezuela. Yes, I still go there... Yesterday I wrote Peter asking for availability of the three nights. I used the old email address. Is it still the same?
    Un abrazote, Lihie

  2. The old email,, still works. He just is not as responsive as I was. He will get back to you. Also, he is working with a girl, Natty, who did what I did but part time, and out of Virginia.

    Wow, so Ruti now lives i Philly. What a surprise. We are moving. I hope to see you in New York. Maybe I will be around. Cheers!