Thursday, March 25, 2010

Empire Falls - Nancy Baker and Oriane Stender, March 4 - 28

EMPIRE FALLS at Flanders Art Gallery

Here is a belated announcement. Nancy Baker is in a show in Raleigh, NC with Oiane Stender. The show is a collaboration, and from what I have seen on the web looks great!

I am always meeting people from around the world who are curious about the state of the U.S. Who wonder how we feel about our economy or about the war. To me, this show addresses that question. It gives body to our frustrations, angers and fears as Americans. It is something, that I hate to say everyone in the entire world can relate to.

Check out the show at the Flander's website here. See the show if you are in Raleigh. Here it is on a map. Read Nancy's blog regarding her show at Tire Shop here, it is a trip. Don't forget to read their review here. It's worth your time and if you like what you see let Nancy and Oriane know. Leave a comment. Cheers!

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