Friday, March 13, 2009

News of our friends

Welcome to my very first weekly column where I share news of our friends. I will try to keep up on what I can. Please send me an email and let know what is happening in your life. I am sure we all would like to know.

Joanne Mattera, who really made me as well as Matt think about the power of the blog has curated a show at Platform Project Space. I really enjoyed that show and recommend that everyone go see it. I also recommend reading her blog. She is a fantastic writer, and a great artist who has a lot of insight to share on the art market in NY as well art in general. So check out the show if you can or at least her blog.

I also recommend that everyone see the "Martin Kippenberger: TheProblem Perspective" retrospective at the MoMA . His family stayed with us and shared a lot of insight into his life. He was great artist who had a lot to share but if you are not careful you may miss the point. Hopefully soon, we will have permission to post the wonderful essay that his sister Sussane wrote on his art and life. There is a very good review of the show by Holland Cotter of the New York Times. I know that the Kippenberger's had a lot to say about it.


I am looking forward to seeing Berendra Pani exhibition at RL Fine Arts. The Exhibition is from March 19 to April 26. The reception is March 19th from 6:30 to 8:30pm. This should be a very interesting show. As everyone who knows the house knows we have a very strong affinity with Indian culture. Check out the press release and read about the Gotipua dance. I will get back to everyone on the show.

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