Thursday, March 26, 2009

News of Our friends: Where Do You Live? -- Soledad Salamé

I know that this is late but if you are in Baltimore you should not miss
the current exhibition by our friend Soledad Salamé at the Contemporary Museum in Baltimore, Maryland.

She is a very good friend and artist from Chile who I have known most of my life, and she is one of the first artist in my circle who dealt with issues concerning the environment. If you like experimental and critical work about our surroundings then I recommend you go see the show.

Following is the press release.

Exhibition title : Where Do You Live?

March 26 - May 10, 2009 The Reverse Ark: In the Wake

Baltimore-based artist Soledad Salamé is known for
evocative works that reflect her passion for the earth's
natural resources. In her paintings, prints, photographs
and large-scale installations, Salamé channels the energy
and beauty of water, plant, and animal life to create images
that speak of global forces on both a micro and macro

Salamé's newest work, Where Do You Live? is a dramatic
16-foot-long map of the Maryland coastline. Created using
a composite of images from Google Earth Salamé's map is
layered with elements of her extensive research on the
population, pollution, and water levels along the nearly
4,000 miles of Maryland's coast.

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