Tuesday, October 20, 2009

New Years 2010 Survival Guide/ part 1.

New Years in New York is alway filled with expectations. As a city of extremes some of us have gotten use to it and some of us have not. ( I am of the latter.) Yet with the right preparation and the right frame of mind we can come ahead to usher in the new year with joy and laughter. For us, the big night always starts with food and then party, we all like to be with friends. Yet the question remains where to begin especially when you are new to the city. The secret is in knowing that the entire city is a party. There is something always happening and everyone too is celebrating the beginning of a New Year. So there are no places, just "starts".

For starters, read the reviews to find great place to eat. I will check out the following sites and look by area. On New Years, restaurants and clubs often offering pri fixes specials with champaign. You can find these specials offers in the Village Voice , Time Out New York and New York Magazine. I also suggest exploring Yelp and City Search. For events around Time Squares see the Time Square.com. So this is where I will begin. I will add more information as we get nearer to the New Year's Eve. Cheers!

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